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Transition Plan

Click to download the following documents or visit websites.

Please scroll down to view pictures of Representatives Gene DiGirolamo and Frank Farry receiving our thank you.

- Call To Action June 2019 (.pdf)

- ODP Rate Letter Follow Up 19-024 (.pdf)

- ODP Rate Letter 19-024 (.pdf)

- ODP Announcement 19-024 (.pdf)

- WIOA Regulations

- Thank you for your support (.pdf)

- Human Services Press Release – March 9, 2017 (.pdf)

- Alternate Proposed Changes - Thaler/Par February 13, 2017 (.pdf)

- JJB letter regarding Alternate Proposed changes February 7, 2017 (.pdf)

- Memo Regarding Upcoming N. Thaler Meeting 2/10/17 (.pdf)

- Hearing on ODP Waiver Renewals (.pdf)

- Nancy Thaler Forum sponsored by MAX Association – February 23, 2017 (.pdf)

- ODP Message Jan 31, 2017 – Nancy Thaler (.pdf)

- PA House of Representatives Letter of Support Feb 2017 (.pdf)

- Rep Watson (District 144) Memo – January 27, 2017 (.pdf)

- IRRC Comments – Department of Human Services #14-540 (.pdf)

- APS Article - Sheltered workshops role for adults with disabilities eyed

- Please join Facebook page and support “PA Advocates for Sheltered Workshops”

- Sheltered workshops for disabled face uncertainty from proposed Pennsylvania rules

- Questions and Answers Regarding Appendices A through H of the Proposed Consolidated P/FDS Waiver Renewals Effective July 1, 2017 (.pdf)

- ODPANN 003-17 New Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Renwal Information Available - Q&A Document and Webinar PowerPoint Transcript and Recording (.pdf)

- Parent Opinion-South Jersey Times

- Stakeholder Letter Dec 22nd (.pdf)

- Stakeholder Letter Dec 5th (.pdf)

- Senator & Representative letter (.pdf)

- Petition – Please Review and Sign

- ODP Communication 101-16: Deputy Secretary Nancy Thaler Everyday Lives Webinar Recording and Transcript Posted to MyODP (.pdf)

- Comment Form (ODP preferred) (.xlsx)

- Appendix C - Community Participation Support (.docx)

- ODP Communication - Public Comment Opportunity - Appendices A through H of the Consolidated and P/FDS Waiver Renewals (.pdf)

- Community Participation Supports (.pdf)

- Everyday Lives - Values in Action (.pdf)

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