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Habilitation Services

APS provides training and wage earning work experiences to individuals who have an intellectual or behavioral health disability. All of our facilities are licensed by the state office of ODP and overseen by county offices of behavioral health and intellectual/behavioral disabilities.

Statement of Vision, Mission and Purpose
The purpose of Associated Production Services, Inc. is to be an organization dedicated to the pursuit of cultivating successful vocational lives for the developmentally disabled adults entrusted to its care and for the staff who serve them.

A.P.S.’ vision is to be a culture where all personnel can be an intimate part of a viable missional effort in which they feel valued, respected, and appreciated; an environment that is inclusive and rewarding both financially and emotionally.

By delivering to its consumers a productive model of vocational training as well as integration into the community if desired, the staff of APS creates a caring community that nurtures and insures that everyone is able to benefit from and enjoy an opportunity to maximize their potential and contribute to their own success and the success of the organization.

The goal of all programs offered is to maximize the benefits of vocational endeavor and employ. For the consumers this is realized by participating in a variety of wage earning training environments which expose and inculcate through experience the assets required to engage in the work world. Work skills such as attention and focus, fine and gross motor facility, efficient motion, and perseverance are all gained as the consumers participate in a variety of work settings. Positive and appropriate work attitudes and habits are developed as one engages and participates in the program. Being able to work to management’s expectations and to function in group settings appropriately are also key in the development of these affective goals and appropriate behavior development.

The fulfillment of these purposes is primarily achieved via participation in labor intensive packaging operations that intrinsically provide a platform for the development of skills through an empirical modality; “learning by doing.” Programs that provide volunteer experience at a wide variety of community based entities and locations are offered when chosen. These programs provide exposure to learning, volunteering and recreational endeavors. Intermittent reinforcement and support is a natural outcome from this active, mature, expectant, and viable culture that the work creates. Individualized goals and objectives are set and achieved through the empowerment of a committed, focused staff.

Description of Services
The primary service offered to our developmentally disabled clients is vocational training. Clients are trained through their involvement in a labor intensive packaging enterprise that provides opportunity to learn how to work effectively and earn money.

By being integrated in this production environment clients learn the skills, attitudes and behaviors required to be a successful employee; now and in the future.

Service Locations

325 Andrews Road
Trevose, PA. 19053
Phone: 215-364-0211     Fax: 215-364-2865     Contact: Quadea Brown

950 Pembroke Street
Bethlehem, PA. 18017
Phone: 267-246-8758     Fax: 610-867-6694     Contact: Brandi Shoy

100 Louise Drive
Ivyland, PA. 18974
Phone: 215-672-9505 ext. 237     Fax: 215-672-9507     Contact: Gloria Mugwanga

12285 McNulty Road
Philadelphia, PA. 19154
Phone: 215-281-9015     Fax: 215-552-9984     Contact: Jean Kamal x21

7377 William Ave
Suite 300
Allentown, PA. 18106
Phone: 610-841-2013    Contact: Amy Hoffman

Community Participation
Contact: Yvonne Jackson
Cell: 267-246-3414
Office: 215-672-9505

Referrals are initiated from various supports coordination agencies or behavioral health case managers. A current ISP is required for review of ID consumers and a current Psychological Evaluation and background form is required for review of B.H. consumers. Referrals may be directed to the Habilitation Departments in our Bucks County facilities and to the Vocational Director in our Bethlehem facility. Referral information will be reviewed as to the appropriateness of the program for the person. If the referral information indicates that placement may beneficial, an intake interview is scheduled. During the intake, the consumer is familiarized with the facility and given an opportunity to work on some job samples. The services of APS are reviewed and mandated forms are completed or taken home for completion. During the entire interview, the individual is appraised as to his/her appropriateness for the program. The intake procedure, along with all other pertinent information gathered from the supports coordinator or case manager and family, form the basis for a decision as to the appropriateness of the program for the individual.

As in all of its procedures and services, Associated Production Services, Inc. will maintain compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to equal opportunity. It is the sincere intent of APS, Inc. to offer training and work experience programs that will meet the needs of each individual that is accepted into the program.

Entrance Criteria
The candidate shall not have (in the past 12 months) demonstrated behavior injurious to themselves or others. Candidates with prior histories of serious maladaptive behaviors (i.e. substance abuse, suicidal ideation, anger management issues, poor impulse control, etc.) will need additional documentation of ability to integrate safely into the APS productive model program.

The candidate must be completely independent in all daily living skills. The candidate must demonstrate a desire to work. The candidate must be able to fully integrate into an industrial business work environment with a 1 to 15 staff ratio.

Admission, the provisions of services and referrals of individuals shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English proficiency), age or sex.

For more information regarding the APS habilitation program, contact Brandi Shoy by eMail at:

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